Why a used KIA is a worthy buy

With a comprehensive range of models, KIA is a reputable brand that promises you unmatched reliability, practicality, and versatility as you traverse [GEO]. Notable used KIA models in our lineup include KIA Cadenza, KIA Optima, KIA Stinger, KIA Soul, KIA Niro, and KIA Sportage.

Each model has a unique design and features the latest technology in improving comfort, safety, performance, and fuel efficiency. Depending on the trim level you select, we assure you of an unforgettable driving experience filled with fun as you tour every part of St. Louis.


Unlike a brand-new KIA, a used one costs much less due to depreciation, thus saving you money. Moreover, a used KIA model requires fewer expenses for you to register your model in Greenville, IL, while at the same time attracting less tax. Taking an insurance cover for your used KIA is also affordable and costs less due to reducing the vehicle's initial value. Due to the brand's popularity, used KIA spare parts are readily available near Edwardsville, resulting in lower prices.


From the engine to the exterior, a used KIA guarantees you years of service due to the manufacturer's exceptional engineering. Consequently, the KIA brand will not fail you like most of its competitors, leading to a stress-free ownership period as you travel across Troy, IL.

In addition, our team of experts at Steve Schmitt in Highland ensures each model is thoroughly pre-checked for mechanical defects before selling to the final buyer and heading to its new home in Collinsville.

With the availability of service and maintenance records, you can identify any neglect by previous owners relating to servicing and maintenance. Moreover, the vehicle history points out any recalls by the manufacturer and accidents history, thus helping you make an informed decision.

We offer low-interest financing for every purchase of a used KIA model to allow you to spread payments over a suitable period. Visit our showrooms in Highland today and enjoy countless offers on the various used models in our inventory.

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